Solution focused skills for high performing business and teams 

Horse Sense For Life are well known for delivering powerful transformational days that significantly shift attitudes and mindset in work and business environments with fun and ease in Carmarthenshire, East London and Berkshire and Warwickshire and Wales.


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Solution focused skills

  • Assertiveness
  • Experiential learning
  • Team building
  • Mindfulness
  • Developing high performing teams
  • Coping with redundancy
  • Creative expression
  • Team skills evaluation
  • Personal realisation
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See what others have to say about their experience with us:

I was delighted to be invited to join Horse Sense For Life. I have always loved horses, although this would be a very new way of experiencing with these beautiful, majestic creatures. I travelled up to Berkshire and, by mid-morning, sat in the field, in a tiny little hut, with a huge horse poking its head through the door. It is very disconcerting to experience a horse in this way. 

Selina is a wonderful teacher. She has a real gift with horses. With her dog, the wonderful, irrepressible, Bubbles leading the way, we allowed the horses to ‘sense’ us in our tiny hut for quite a long time. Then, joining them in the field, we began our interaction. At no stage did we ride these beautiful animals. Instead, we co-existed with them. Allowed them to connect with us; learned about ourselves through their ‘horsey’ perceptions of us. At no stage did a concern for my safety arise; I understood that these horses would not hurt me. 

Amongst the many wonderful moments I shared that afternoon in the field, the one that stands out for me was the moment I finally draped my arms over the back of a huge black horse, placed my head on its back, and simply allowed this enormous beast to ‘carry’ my weight. Every time it moved, it’s power rippled through its muscles. Skittish at first, I slowly came to terms with a power demonstrably greater than my own. Without feeling threatened. Without fearing harm. 

We stayed like that, he and I, in this strange, silent communion for a very long time. Totally connected. I stroked his neck from time-to-time and found it easy to be open and affectionate in a way that I would normally have found difficult with people who were strange to me. 

As I gave more and more of my weight to the horse, I realised that I never, ever, truly trusted or allowed anyone to support me. It was such a relief to have another living creature support me and for me to ‘allow’ this. In allowing it, I was allowing myself to trust.

I learned that the illusion of always being in control is over-rated. There are all sorts of wonderful things to learn and experience in ‘letting go’. This lesson I have not forgotten. Since then, I can ‘be with’ life more, reach out to life more, I can trust more, allow myself to be held more, carried more, supported more. In the busy-ness of my modern city life, it is easy for me to forget how simple life can be. That life does not always have to be complicated. That I can choose to let go, can choose to trust. 

Heather 2017 (Author, Coach and Change Maker)
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