Corporate Leadership Day

Leading in Times of Uncertainty and Change 

Equine Assisted Learning and corporate leadership 
training in Newport, Llanelli, Llanybydder, Reading and Mudchute London

When and where:

Friday December 8th 2017. 
9.30am - 4.30pm. 
Mudchute Park & Farm 
Pier Street 
Isle of Dogs 
London E14 3HP 

Leadership training; a vital investment

Leading through times of unprecedented uncertainty is a hotly debated topic today.
The advice given is as untested and uncertain as the subject of the debate. However one theme emerges consistently from all the discussion and analysis – that a new type of leadership needs to develop if organisations and the people in them are to survive and thrive in a future where the rules of the game are changing. 

We are gradually waking up to a world of the ‘impossible’ in the wake of Brexit and President Trump. We are living through change as western economic power is no longer a given. 

What do leaders need to be to navigate in a world like this? 
They will need more than tried and tested skills and knowledge – they will need multiple intelligences including emotional, instinctive and creative intelligence. Skills that are rarely developed in leadership training. 

Using horses as training ‘partners’ is an effective and fun way to learn. They provide an interaction for personal reflection, creativity and inspiration in a way that class-room training cannot match. Increasingly used by organisations for leadership, team building and emotional intelligence training, equine assisted learning enables insights that are self-realised and quick. This helps to retain learning and effect behavioural change. 

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Previously homogeneous societies are increasingly diverse - culturally, sexually and generationally. The majority of employees are disengaged with work. Technology keeps taking us into worlds untraveled and we can’t even guess what the next disruption will be. But alongside this there will also be new opportunities and the choice to create an optimistic future. Ultimately we have a future that has never been so unpredictable, unimaginable and unknown. 

 Join us for this special 1-day programme delivered by HorseSense For Life, an established equine learning and therapy company based in Wales. This day is offered as a pilot to enable new business training concepts to be tested (and is therefore heavily discounted!). However rest assured it is offered by an experienced and qualified professional team. 

Leadership training facilitators:

Selina Joynson 

Selina is the Founder and director of HorseSense for Life which has been delivering equine assisted learning to individuals, services, businesses and corporates since 2012.  The company has offered teambuilding and leadership development to managers, teams and senior executives.  
She is a certified mental health and equine specialist, Integrative Counsellor BSc (Hons) and certified NLP Practitioner. In this capacity she has been offering equine assisted therapies for adults and children since 2009 and also developed a youth programme with ‘Turning Point Slough’. Selina is passionate about horses and their special interaction with humans having been born and bred on a farm in West Wales. Today she is an owner of 5 horses and continues to breed and school them in Wales. 

Dr Anna Pascal 

Anna is a semi retired NHS doctor with over 25 years experience at Consultant level. She is a certified mental health and equine specialist. In her private therapeutic work Anna works with individuals and families utilising a holistic approach towards recovery.  Anna is supporting the development of Equine Assisted Learning with businesses and organisations as a team leader in change management. Her long experience as a doctor in one of the largest organisations in Europe has led her to believe that talking alone changes very little and she values the way that horses help trigger more visceral changes and tangible results both for individuals and the population they serve.
Anna lives in mid Wales and owns 4 horses.

Harjeet Virdee 

Harjeet has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world. As a commercial manager in the airline industry she has wide experience and knowledge of working in a dynamic, competitive, global and volatile environment. She now runs her own management training company which focuses on emotional awareness in leading and developing people. She was drawn to equine assisted learning because it offered something largely missing from business training – self-realised insights, reflection and effective behavioural change. She is passionate about people being their best and happiest selves and is currently writing a book titled Flourish: How emotionally aware managers are the key to high impact performance. 
All 3 facilitators are trained and certified by EAGALA – Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association which is the leading international non-profit association for professionals incorporating horses to address mental health and personal development needs. Selina Joynson is the EAGALA representative for Europe and The Middle East. 


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