The Eagala model

Horse Sense For Life is part of the Eagala network of more than 4,500 mental health professionals and equine specialists in 50 countries. We serve clients in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Oxford and East London.

About the Eagala model

Eagala professionals are trained qualified to offer the Eagala model exclusively to their clients. Horses are uniquely sensitive to the feelings of those around them and respond in ways which reflect aspects of ourselves and our relationships. The Eagala model is an innovative, ethical set of best practices that build on the human/horse connection to help people learn more about themselves and to use that learning to change their lives.

For more information on Eagala go to: www.eagala.org

 Based in Pembrokeshire, we serve clients across  East London and Warwickshire. Get in touch with us now to find out more.
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