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Horse Sense For Life offers affordable equine assisted self-transformation programmes for individuals across Wales, including Pembrokeshire, Carmarthen, Swansea and Brecon.

Experience your transformation

How would it feel if you could experience freedom of choice, emotional well-being and empowerment to make things happen in your life? Be able to take responsibility for your own actions and start seeing immediate results?
Horse Sense for Life provides the space for participants to explore what is really going on for them. To connect with your inner self and unlock negative beliefs and blocks, gain emotional growth and cultivate an abundance mind-set.
By experiencing the experience in the moment, the impact of the learning is rapid, effective and lasting.
In our daily lives we tend to compare, choose, change, resist and make decisions that lead to further frustration. We ignore stress, anxiety or anger as a way to try to eliminate it. These are misguided efforts to achieve real experience, be fulfilled and happy.

By experiencing rather than changing the situation you will be free to see things for yourself. You will have the opportunity to observe it, stay in touch with it, and to change it to positive effect.
You will gain an understanding that will lead to outstanding breakthroughs in the area of life you are working on. Resistance leads to persistence. Fear, depression, anger, anxiety, hatred, guilt and bitterness hooks up with survival. This tends to be better than feeling nothing and being able to take responsibility and deal with things through real experience. 

Horse Sense for Life is a solution-based programme that will leave you empowered to make things happen for yourself in many areas of your life, even after one session.

This is an active experience where there is no right or wrong answer, working with real-life dilemmas in the field with horses helping you solve them. Horses mirror human behaviour and are great teachers in the here and now. A sense of fun and playfulness allows you to learn more and discover new things for yourself and find answers you have been searching for.

Are you ready to discover the real you?

Based in Pembrokeshire, we serve clients across Newport, Llanelli, Llanybydder, Reading and Mudchute London. 
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for equine assisted self-transformation programmes in Wales, including Pembrokeshire, Carmarthen, Swansea and Brecon.

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