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Personal development and emotional intelligence for fast business growth and engagement.

Authentic leadership

Trust in Leadership is in short supply.  Now more than ever before people are demanding of their leaders the basic qualities of honesty, trust and integrity.  They are looking for leaders to be themselves.  For leaders this can be difficult.  If you have learnt all your life that leadership is about acting in a certain way, how can you learn to lead powerfully through being your best and most natural self?

A programme to create Authentic leadership and personal branding.  To enable immediate impact on the team and business performance leading to rapid change and growth.

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Away days

Fun aways days for all the staff. Interactive, solution driven programmes that delivers fast results with lasting impact back in the workplace.

Fun themed away days include:

  • Back to School …
  • Holding the reins
  • Flying – change. Supporting businesses through change.    
  • Let your emotions fly – emotional wellbeing programme for business.

Ideal for:

  • Team building / development
  • Senior management development
  • Sales and business development

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Employee mental health and emotional wellbeing support

An employee's state of mind and emotional wellbeing can have a key impact on the business productivity.

High absentee levels cost the UK economy billions of pounds each year.

Loss of work days through stress and illness.

If employee wellbeing is undermined this can have a negative impact on the business in the following ways:

  • reduced productivity
  • increased mistakes and errors
  • conflict (with colleagues and management)
  • grievance and disciplinary incidents
  • sickness and absenteeism
  • low morale and negative atmosphere
  • poor customer services
  • resignations and high staff turnover
  • poor employer reputation among staff, customers, and potential new recruits

Aside from all this, wellbeing at work is very closely linked to wellbeing and health in life generally. Where wellbeing is eroded, people can get sick, both mentally and physically.

  • Are you getting the most out of your employees?
  • Are there any underlying issues you could be unaware of affecting their performance?

Address emotional blocks, negative beliefs and provide emotional freedom and empowerment of staff and inspire leaders who make outstanding decisions for your business.

Heathy staff with a positive mind-set are far more stable and productive.

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