Our Philosophy

Lessons about mindfulness

Horse Sense For Life offers psychotherapeutic treatments and mindfulness training programmes across Pembrokeshire and Warwickshire.

Our philosophy is based on 'horses helping people' and 'people giving back to animals'

The happiness and well-being of our horses is of utmost importance to us, far from commodities we view them as valued, respected members of our team. As such we strive to provide an environment which caters for their individual needs; one which allows and encourages natural herd dynamics.

What we are committed to

  • Providing emotional well-being for everyone
  • Giving back to society, impacting on the world and improving the lives of everyone
  • Supporting nature and the well-being of all animals
  • The powerful impact that teaching animals can make on our lives
Based in Pembrokeshire, we serve clients across Carmarthenshire and Warwickshire. Get in touch with us now to find out more about our philosophy and our story.
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Call Horse Sense For Life on
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for psychotherapeutic treatments in Pembrokeshire, Oxford, East London and Warwickshire.

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