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Looking after your emotional well-being

At Horse Sense For Life, we offer equine therapy for the emotional well-being of our clients across Pembrokeshire, East London and Warwickshire.

L Selina Joynson

Founding director of Horse Sense for Life, comes from a large farming family in West Wales. Her father and grandfather were both well-known horsemen who used the horses for working the land. Selina enjoyed the outdoor life and spent most of her time busy on the farm with her pony Penny and sheepdog Juno. When in agricultural college she continued to keep her horses as a hobby. She then got married, had three children and together with her husband, settled on an upland farm, working and schooling horses as well as using them for shepherding on the hills. After a divorce, her life drastically changed and she went to London to study integrative counselling and equine therapy, specifically the Eagala model in 2009. Through some dark and painful times and her life changing career, Selina noticed that she was always uplifted and empowered by her father’s old horse Millie and her little dog Bubbles. Her horse herd grew and she now finds herself again with horses as her companions but with a deeper understanding of the great healing qualities that these animals have to offer humans.

What Selina has to say?

"Horses have helped me build a better relationship with myself and fill the void or emotional gap and through Horse Sense for Life, I have found my true passion. I love using this amazing work to help clients, by offering them the same privileges I had, whilst growing up with horses."

"I am committed to offering equine therapy to people to help them grow and develop, as a first and natural intervention before being prescribed any medication for well-being issues. It is natural and easily accessible with no side effects and allows the person to be expert in their own life, guided by ethical and professional facilitators and the horses."
Based in Pembrokeshire, we serve clients across Carmarthenshire and Warwickshire. Get in touch with us now to find out more about our practitioners.
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